It’s out with the old and in with the new at Fortitude Valley, which is going through an entertainment revival, sure to be popping up all over your social calendar very soon! Coming fresh off the opening of the fabulous new music hall, the rest of the town has to match its glory, which means there’s about to be another new face in the streets. If you’re guilty of overlooking the aging Valley Metro as the place to be, remember this feeling because in due time you won’t believe that you ever did.

Get the fancy schmancy arrival you deserve when the Valley undergoes an extensive refurbishment that will take it straight from Miley Stewart to Hannah Montana with the best of both worlds! The Brunswick Street entrance will be getting a lavish entry canopy so you can be welcomed in style to the revitalised centre with expanded retail offerings and a new flexible Urban Common – a community-driven public space surrounded by natural light and landscapes.

After you’ve shopped ‘till you’ve dropped, you’ll also be able to catch the latest blockbusters on any of the five screens at the brand-spanking new cinema complex.

The key principle of the ambitious design is to create a new era and revamp existing links into the revitalised central retail space. This includes providing new and refurbished pedestrian linkage so you can waltz in and out of the Fortitude Valley Train Station from any direction easy peasy. Ah, don’t you just love convenience?

The impressive plans have just been approved by the fairy godmothers in the council so watch this space – it’s going to be a transformation Cinderella will be jealous of!

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