We're real estate fanatics that love discussing all aspects of property. Let's meet over a coffee to discuss your property needs! (the coffee's on us)

We represent a large range of residential projects & developers.

We assist hundreds of buyers every year through the sourcing, vetting & buying process of property ownership.

“Our foundations & business principles have been built on more than a decade of sales, marketing, branding and business development experience” Blake Ellis – Principal.

Our team is a collective of Real Estate, Marketing, Business Development, Social Media and Sales Professionals. We understand people, consumer psychology, buying behaviours and we engage with our clients on deep methodical level to truly understand their needs, wants and goals during the buying process.

We partner with leading residential property developers that have a proven track record of delivering high quality projects with even higher specifications, finishes, inclusions and resident amenities. We thoroughly & meticulously review all our projects against a high level of benchmarking to ensure that only the very best projects are represented by our sales agents and our overall business.

We’re more than just project sales agents or marketers, we’re a team of dedicated property specialists and this also includes our Asset Management business that assist investors with diversifying their portfolio to maximise their properties income potential.

Our services are ‘bespoke‘ and tailored to each individual client & project, as no two projects are ever the same and cannot be viewed, managed or launched as such. We encourage you to speak with our team about your next project and how partnering with Reubendrake could just be the most rewarding decision you’ve ever made.